Quality Control

and Quality Assurance

furniture factory manifacturing area person inspecting completed furniture inside factory
Our main objective is to provide customer satisfaction by delivering the goods considering the cost and timeliness without sacrificing the quality of the Finished Goods to the Client and customers.
client and consultant during inspection of furniture manufactoring process

Project Quality

Orsini SPI principle is to achieve the most effective way in delivering the final product meeting the specified quality criteria, to the Project/Client whilst considering three major aspects:
The project Quality Plan (PQP) will be managed in accordance with the approved program. One of the common challenges of project Management is to achieve the specified quality desired by all stakeholders for the products that we procure keeping all three variable parameters of scope, cost and time under control through out the project. Orsini SPI has a successful track record of continuously achieving the high quality using effective project management skills and sourcing strategies and inspections at the source and at site to ensure the quality of the product delivered meets with all stakeholders expectations

Transparent Reporting

Red Flag Report

When you are hired to provide solutions to problems, communicating with all stakeholders issues which arise during a project's lifecycle helps to obtain a collective response to analyze the cause of the issue and implement a solution to resolve the issue.
Red Flag reporting keeps track of all open issues, the impact of a delay in resolving the issue, how long the issue has been open, and who is responsible to resolve the issue.

Scope Gap Analysis

A unique process developed by Orsini SPI that electively identifies critical gaps and overlaps between contracts issued for Fit Out, Kitchen, Laundry and IT Contractors and the scope intended to fall under FFE and OSE. The process identifies grey areas, items outside of the scope, budget responsibilities, design & specification responsibilities & procurement responsibilities.
Our Scope Gap Analysis is designed to identify crucial gaps in projects at the very beginning, so there is no impact on timelines & budgets later.

Sustainable Procurement

Green Leaf Rating System

ORSINI SPI's Green Leaf Rating System enables our Clients to make better informed decisions about the environmental sustainability of FF&E and OS&E supplied into hotels.
The performance of individual items and complete projects can be measured against a robust sustainability index.

Sourcing of Environmentally Friendly
FF&E and OS&E

Our sourcing strategy takes into account the goal of reducing single-use plastics in hotel operations. All material used is assessed to understand the raw materials used and recyclability of the product at the end of its lifecycle. Orsini SPI provides the hotel operator with practical solutions for end of life sustainable disposal of the FF&E and OS&E supplied.