E-Tender portal

E-Tendering is enabling close tender process, where client is in the full control and able to delegate tasks for "Floating tender" and "Tender review".

  • Tender Floatation - Unique Tender Number allocated to required package and a link is created in the portal with an expiry date, which sends to suppliers who will upload their quotations onto the portal via the same link within the provided time frame.
  • Tender Review - tenders submitted by the suppliers in the web portal, available for you. E-Tendering makes you the custodian of the tenders and not Orsini.

The advantages of E-Tendering Portal are:

  • a secure platform
  • paperless
  • reduces time
  • the client is the custodian of the portal
  • easy to use and manage
  • keeps a log of all transactions.


Orsini’s Sourcing, Procurement and Installation system (SPIsys) is a secure & globally accessible platform which provides real time data. Allowing for online approvals, it makes the procurement process totally transparent. The dashboard keeps all your important information safe & accessible, including a log of all your transactions.

Once the budget plan is approved, the budget details of the project are imported into SPIsys, and you can track the procurement process which includes Tendering and Cost Comparison, PO issuance followed by Shipment and Delivery all the way upto the Installation of the project onsite. The software requires a unique login id for each user, ensuring a secure platform for the client.

The advantages of SPIsys are:

  • secure globally accessible platform
  • provides real time data
  • allows for online approvals
  • makes the procurement process transparent
  • provides a dashboard with the most important information
  • user friendly
  • keeps a log of all transactions

Asset Management system

Asset Management System with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is used to easily tag, manage and audit all assets. Imagine being able to fully control your assets, so that every single item of furniture, art piece or design accessory is locatable within seconds. Keeping track of assets, even when they’re frequently moved around or stored is possible with RFID Technology!

The advantages of Asset Management Tracking through RFID Technology are:

  • easy scanning
  • hassle free
  • provides accurate data validation
  • highly efficient