Let's Talk About Sleep Experience!

Let’s talk about sleep. SLEEP EXPERIENCE, is one of the top reasons guests return to hotels and recommend them.

The differences between sleep and bed related OS&E within the hotel sector is more varied than anyone could imagine, even within the 5 Star category alone! While each hotel brand has their individual standards and guidelines, the sourcing and procurement process for sleep related items can make the world of difference between hotel sleep experiences.

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According to the SleepFoundation.org the feel of mattresses, pillows and sheets directly affect the quality of sleep. Mattresses should be comfortable and supportive and facilitate rest, rather than aches and pain.

At Orsini SPI, we pay particular attention to mattress construction, we’re also passionate about thread count of bed linen, fabric quality and how to achieve both within budgets and time frames.

The thickness or thinness of a pillow should enable sleep with the head, neck and shoulders aligned with the spine.

We consider 5 important factors when sourcing duvets:

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Style and sustainability can, and do go hand-in-hand! Bedrooms, bathrooms, back of house...just about anywhere within hotel operations, there are opportunities to be found for sustainable alternatives. At Orsini SPI, we are relentless with our  search for identifying sustainable opportunities and suppliers to fulfil them, who are as committed to quality, design, style and sustainability as we are.

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Alternatives to single use plastic in guest rooms and bathrooms, for example can dramatically increase the feeling of luxury, rather than reduce it! Bathroom liquid amenities presented in bulk size ceramic, glass and metal re-useable dispensers can make a hefty design statement and contain design elements not found in single use plastic packaging. One 300ml bulk size container can save 25 bottles of single use plastic over 30 days! Did you know that by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in our seas than fish, at the current rate of plastic use!

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New and sustainable materials are constantly making their way into mainstream manufacturing. Our goal is to identify them early and source products that we know are fitting with our clients’ specific hotel brand standards and desired guest experiences.

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The creative and unique use of bamboo for example, has achieved traction with interior designers, product designers, packaging and furniture manufacturers worldwide. With its directional and contemporary design aesthetic, bamboo is not only a unique sustainable contender, but a serious and versatile design element delivering contemporary luxury on point. One of the most eco-friendly materials on the market, bamboo isn’t limited to guest rooms, bedding, bathrooms and in forms of stationery, pens and toothbrushes. Curiously, we continue to see growing trends in bamboo flooring, furniture and fabrics that are gaining popularity with interior designers.

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Let’s not forget about some of the earlier heroes of eco-friendliness like wood, cork, cotton, linen and electronics either. Already successfully integrated as preferable options for clothes and door hangers, room keys, hotel compendiums, laundry bags and other applications, these are also considered directional and contemporary, by current design standards, already successfully integrated into 5 star luxury.

At Orsini, we believe OS&E for hotel beds and bedrooms has the ability to recharge a guest with an unforgettable SLEEP EXPERIENCE and ensure their hasty return and recommendation!