Can luxury really be eco-friendly & sustainable in hotel procurement?

Luxury at any cost to the environment is no longer acceptable, but can hotels really deliver exclusive, high-end guest experiences while going green?

Style and sustainability can, and do go hand-in-hand! Bedrooms, bathrooms, back of house...just about anywhere within hotel operations, there are opportunities to be found for sustainable alternatives.

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The Road To Hotel Recovery

“Business and MICE travellers will be one of the last sectors to recover” explains Manesh Balani, CEO of Orsini SPI.

Hotels are looking at a large task of rebuilding their clientele base. The immediate recovery will start with the leisure tourist from a mix of local staycations and overseas travellers in countries where tourists are allowed to enter. Competition for these hotel guests will be fierce, and the room rates will be challenged to a point where luxury hotel rates will look very similar to limited service hotels.

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Global Supply During COVID-19

Procurement of FF&E and OS&E will become more challenging post COVID as we face challenges with supplier stability, increased cost of logistics, and restrictions in availability of material.

We need to be prepared to tackle these issues:
- Know your supplier’s strengths. Give them the right scope of work and know if they are outsourcing any part of your order. Have disclosure on what is being outsourced and to whom

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Benefits of Turnkey Procurement Solutions

FIXED COSTS Turnkey procurement solutions define all costs from the outset, so there are no unexpected additional costs at any time throughout the project.

EASY MANAGEMENT The Turnkey Contractor has singular responsibility for the overall project. Communications are stream-lined, increasing clarity and creating peace of mind for the client. There is less administration because the contractor manages all vendors themselves.

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Orsini SPI Rebranding

Orsini SPI has today launched its new branding celebrating 18 years as leader in Hospitality Procurement services.

The new logo represents taking the undefined and abstract shape of a cube and through Orsini SPI’s process defining all angles of the three dimensional cube while paying attention to the recess which becomes the heart of the interior. As with all new hotel projects, Orsini SPI is tasked with creating detailed Bill of Quantities and budgets based on the visions of the Hotel Owner, Interior Designer and Hotel Operator.

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Another win for Atana!

Atana Musandam Resort Wins Hospitality Project of the Year Awards The Atana Musandam Resort, has won the ‘Hospitality Project of the Year’ award at the Construction Week Oman Awards that took place at the Grand Hyatt Muscat recently. The multi-award winning resort was also shortlisted in the Sustainable Project of the Year category. The‘Hospitality Project of the Year’ award recognition adds to the growing number of awards and accolades received by the resort since its soft opening in 2014


Nurturing Young Minds!

Orsini SPI recently participated in a career fair hosted by the Emirates Hospitality Academy. The Academy’s students and recent graduates were given the opportunity to meet with potential employers for internships and permanent job prospects. As a first time participant, Orsini SPI’s, Director, Manesh Balani feels “Recruitment fairs are a great platform to foster upcoming talent. Given the right opportunity, they can prove to be a valuable asset to any organisation”.


Look Who's Talking!

Orsini SPI’s Director, Manesh Balani moderated a panel discussion at the recently concluded Hotelier Procurement Summit held at the Ritz Carlton DIFC. Manesh led the discussion on the hotly debated topic of integrating procurement and finance. Speaking on the subject, Manesh agreed that it is imperative that Procurement and Finance work in synergy for any business. However, he strongly advocates the belief that procurement should be a stand-alone department, using its sourcing and negotiation expertise to ensure cost efficiencies that feed into the overall financial robustness of an organization.


Staying Connected

The Orsini SPI team recently attended a networking event for Procurement professionals of the hospitality industry. This bimonthly event organized by Hospitality Business Middle East, one of the region’s leading hospitality publications offers industry peers a dynamic platform to interact and stay abreast of news and trends in the market. Seen mingling with the guests at the event are our very own, Manesh Balani (Director) and Nalini Dev (Procurement Coordinator).


Age of the Machine

As part of Orsini SPI’s ongoing product knowledge development initiative, the team visited Lever Electric, a partner supplying cleaning machines on our OS&E projects. The team was introduced to a range of cleaning equipment in a variety of shapes and sizes. Multi-tasking machines are the need of the day, offering hotels the ease and ability to maintain the highest hygiene standards. A quick and efficient repair service are equally important and provided free of charge by Lever Electric. It is these additional features that the Orsini SPI team looks for when sourcing partners, as it successively enables us to offer our clients more cost effective solutions. 


Roundtable Discussions

Re-inventing the wheel.

Project economics no longer focus on the bottom line. In the face of value engineering, designers from across the hospitality interiors spectrum are responding with new team dynamics and futureproof products. Hospitality Business leads the debate.


Orsini SPI launch as new company to service region's rapidly growing hotel market

Prestigious hotel industry Procurement Agents move on from Chris Garrod Partnership under new name, to offer expertise in Hospitality sourcing, procurement and installation