Orsini SPI Rebranding

Orsini SPI has today launched its new branding celebrating 18 years as leader in Hospitality Procurement services.

Orsini SPI’s rebranding also marks a shift in its approach and focus on using project management principals to deliver projects on time, without sacrificing quality, and always achieving substantial savings for its clients. Efficiencies in Orsini SPI’s project delivery are now enhanced with the launch of a proprietary RFID asset tagging technology and an e-tender platform in addition to the already existing SPIsys procurement project management platform. Orsini SPI’s Asset Tagging system allows for easier and efficient tracking of hotel FF&E assets, while the e-tender platform provides clients with a secure method of running electronic tenders and reducing the need for cumbersome traditional tender submissions.

“Our focus in the next five years is to promote more efficient business practices and increase awareness of sustainable sourcing in the hospitality industry. We are aiming to look at every element of FF&E and OS&E supplied into hotel projects and find materials which are manufactured from sustainable materials and provide Hotel Operators with practical solutions for managing recycling at the end of a products life cycle. We need to make a bigger impact on reducing the amount of waste being disposed of in landfills” says Manesh Balani Orsini SPI’s Managing Director.

Logo is taking the undefined and abstract shape of a cube, from hexagon to the three dimensional cube

The new logo represents taking the undefined and abstract shape of a cube and through Orsini SPI’s process defining all angles of the three dimensional cube while paying attention to the recess which becomes the heart of the interior. As with all new hotel projects, Orsini SPI is tasked with creating detailed Bill of Quantities and budgets based on the visions of the Hotel Owner, Interior Designer and Hotel Operator. Through careful selection of vendors from its global database of suppliers, Orsini SPI oversees production to ensure vendors follow a framework agreed to deliver quality products on time. Logistics management by the team at Orsini SPI takes care of every detail that makes a hotel whole.

We invite You to discover more about the company’s procurement services and technology offerings for hotel developments and refurbishments.